Mosquitoes? More Like No-squitoes!

Eliminating mosquitoes from your property is beneficial because it helps prevent mosquito borne illnesses, keeps you and your family healthier and happier, and most importantly, provides a safe environment for you and your loved ones to enjoy. 

Organic mosquito control is becoming more popular as people are becoming more eco-conscious and want to reduce their  environmental impact. That said, synthetic mosquito control can offer more effective and a larger time frame of control. At Greener Living, we offer both options depending on your specific needs.

The organic mosquito control product we at Greener Living use contains organic oil based repellent contains a proprietary blend of citronella, cedar and peppermint oils that are hand crafted in small batches. Our formula is nontoxic to humans and pets, yet extremely effective at repelling mosquitoes by producing an odor that these pests find highly unpleasant. Our product mimics the natural fragrances from plants that mosquitoes dislike; The smell of our products not only repels these pests, but smells great to humans as well!

The synthetic mosquito control that we use is an industry standard product that contains the active ingredient Bifenthrin, used to eliminate biting insects.

Every season, we offer up to 7 applications that can be customized based on your specific needs. To get started on a solution to your pest problem, talk with one of our talented service consultants today!

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