Emerald ash borer holes

Emerald Ash Borers Cause Devastating Damage

Emerald Ash Borer is an insect that kills ash trees. Since its first detection in Michigan in 2002, it has spread to 25 states, killing more than 50 million trees. Already, entire urban landscapes have been devastated by this destructive pest. In a review published last year, scientists called it “the most destructive and economically costly forest insect to ever invade North America.” Without a natural predator in North America, EAB have been able to thrive with plentiful amounts of food and an abundance of hosts.

The larvae stage are the real problem with these insects. they feed on the bark and sapwood sections of the tree, which contain the trees circulatory systems. The sheer amount of larvae volume in these colonies can interrupt nutrient flow to the tree, effectively suffocating and starving it.


What Can We DO?!

Routine inspection and monitoring of your trees helps ensure early detection of Emerald Ash Borer. While the insect is difficult to detect, there are things you as a homeowner can look for. If you notice D-shaped holes in the bark, skeletonized leaves and branches, or canopy loss on the top of tree, it is a sign that your tree might be infested and it could be time to seek professional help.


At Greener Living we have tree care professionals on staff that are able to come out, diagnose, and recommend treatments for Ash trees that you think may be affected by Ash Borers. Feel free to contact us to set up your tree care appointment as soon as you think there may be trouble afoot!


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