Watered grass

“How often should I water my lawn?”


There are several reasons why it’s important to water your lawn regularly. If you don’t, it could die or be damaged by pests or disease. But how often should you water? And when is the best time for watering? Let’s find out!

Watering regularly helps to keep your lawn healthy

Watering regularly helps to keep your lawn healthy, green and beautiful.

The ideal time to water is early morning or late evening when temperatures are cooler and evaporation rates are lower.

You should water your lawn in the morning

  • Morning is the best time to water your lawn.
  • The cooler temperatures in the morning allow for more efficient evaporation, so you’re not losing as much water to evaporation.
  • This will also help prevent disease and insect problems.

Watering your lawn helps to prevent lawn insects

Watering your lawn helps to prevent lawn insects. Lawn insects are attracted to dry grass and if left untreated, they can cause damage to your lawn. Some common types of lawn insect pests include aphids, chinch bugs and mites.

These pesky little critters feed on the sap of grass plants which causes them to turn yellow or brown in color as they die off from starvation. They also transmit diseases that infect other nearby plants so it’s important not only keep an eye out for these pests but also take action against them before they spread too far!

You should water your lawn 30 minutes per day

You should water your lawn 30 minutes per day.

It should be remembered that this is a guideline, and during warmer dryer months should be increased, and during times of rain can be decreased.



Watering your lawn regularly is an important part of keeping it healthy. Watering in the morning is best because it will give your grass time to dry out before nighttime. You should also water 30 minutes per day to ensure that your lawn receives enough water for its needs.

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