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Spring Lawn Care Tips

Spring is a great time to care for your lawn. By following the right steps, you can get the most out of your spring lawn care experience and end up with a beautiful, well-cared for yard. Just follow these steps carefully and you can have the most beautiful lawn on the block in no time!

1. Start to mow your lawn when its height reaches 4 inches. Generally, March is warm enough that you can cut your grass at its typical height of about 3-4 inches. The first few times you mow you may only remove 1/2 inch of grass. Mowing at this level will allow for faster growth and promote deep root development.

Pro tip: Mow your lawn in a different direction each week to promote a more even growth. Changing directions can make sure you lawn does not ‘lean’ to one side always.

2. Loosen up your soil and aerate your lawn. The spring season is perfect for aerating your lawn. Aeration is a process where plugs of soil and grass are mechanically removed from you lawn to loosen up your lawn’s soil base. Aeration will improve the turf of your lawn, makes watering more effective and helps the soil hold nutrients better. At Greener Living we offer aeration services to all of our Chicagoland clients from March-May.

3. Start to fertilize your lawn. The grass will grow faster, better, and become more tolerant of hot, dry weather as a result. Nitrogen fertilizer is recommended to help green up the lawn and promote root growth. Whether it’s you, or us, make sure you someone starts fertilizing in March or April for best results. If you would like our help with your lawn care service, as always, just let us know!


4. Lastly, focus on preventative weed controls like pre-emergent crabgrass products while the weather is still cool. This will ensure you never see many of the most common weeds pop up at all. That way, you have a nice weed-free thick lawn going into the Summer. Greener Living’s standard lawn care service includes these preventative weed controls and can ensure everything goes smoothly with caring for you lawn this Spring.

2 thoughts on “Spring Lawn Care Tips”

  1. I recently got into gardening, so I was planning to use fertilizers for my lawn soon to make sure it grows well and green this spring. I’m thankful you recommended that we use nitrogen fertilizer in March or April for the best results since this helps green up our lawns and promote root growth to ensure they become more tolerant of hot and dry weather. I’ll keep this in mind while I look for a landscaping company to contact for lawn fertilizing services soon.

  2. This post is a goldmine for anyone hoping to maintain a beautiful lawn in the spring season! I found the tip about mowing in different directions to promote even growth particularly insightful. And I didn’t realize how important soil aeration is for water and nutrient retention. The fact that you offer this as part of your services at Greener Living is a great advantage. Your comprehensive approach, including fertilizing and preventative weed controls, certainly makes lawn care seem less daunting. I’ll be sure to apply these tips and may reach out for professional help. Thanks for sharing this well-rounded lawn care guide, Caymen!

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